Kim Clijsters ousts defending champion Victoria Azarenka in Miami

Kim ClijstersAfter a first-round bye at the Sony Ericsson Open, the 2009 US Open champion Kim Clijsters defeated Petra Kvitova 6-1 6-1 in the second round, Shahar Peer 6-0 6-1 in the third round, and now fourth seed and last year’s champion Victoria Azarenka with almost equally impressive scoreline 6-4 -6-0.

Belgian No.14 seed Clijsters will next play ninth seed Samantha Stosur, who ended Jelena Jankovic’s eight-match winning streak by defeating the Serb 6-1 7-6 (9) in their fourth career encounter. Remember, world No.8 Jankovic defeated Stosur 6-2 6-4 in the Indian Wells semifinals last week, on her way to the title.

The winner of both career clashes between Clijsters and Stosur was the Belgian, in straight sets. Their last meeting was three years ago, at this very tournament, the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami. (photo: Esther Lim)

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44 thoughts on “Kim Clijsters ousts defending champion Victoria Azarenka in Miami

  1. Heaven's Mass Murderer

    I did say that JJ was done and I did not see her winning a major title. She proved me wrong by winning Indian Wells and damn glad that she did both. I did not expect JJ to win this tournament is too hard to go back to back (IW and Miami) a good run though, round of 16 not bad, although I had her losing in the QF. I had Wozniacki losing in the round of 16, but I think Henin will end Sunshine’s run, QF not bad for her either.

    LuLinQa sorry to say but Azarenka’s performance was flat. I seen her play better.

  2. marine

    I was surprised that Victoria got bagelled. Hmm, I expected more fight from her, but Kim is probably too strong of a match. I think she will defeat Stosur as well, she is stronger than Victoria but I don’t think it will help against Clijsters too much. Henin will for sure defeat Wozniacki as her game is very aggressive and Caro is soooo defensive player. So I think we’re in for a Belgian semis, woo hoo. Go Justine!

  3. LuLinQa

    Heaven´s Mass, it´s true, she didn´t play her best. She did some unnecessary faults. But as jacob said, she is psycho and I love her 😀 her outfit is nice but I prefered pinky one on her.
    jacob, u r aussie? have u ever been to watch AO?

  4. jacob

    Yeah, i went in 2008. I watched the Serena vs Jelena game and the Maria vs Davenport game. I’m from sydney though, so i go to the medibank international. i’ve been 5 times in a row now 😀

  5. marine

    Jacob, youre one lucky guy! Your question was the last one Sam answered to. I will be watching her tonight, it will be an interesting match up as both ladies are quite strong. I missed Justine as I had to work, ahh, so I hope this will make up for it ;-P

  6. LuLinQa

    jacob, I´m sooo jealous 😛 AO is my favourite tournament but it´s far away from my country 🙁

  7. jacob

    Where are you from LulinQa? I like the Australian open and roland garros the most. Clay courts are so rare in Australia.

  8. LuLinQa

    I am from Slovakia, like Cibulková. I´m thinking of going to RG once. Lol I have enough of clay cuz I am still practicing only on clay. I want some hardcourts. 🙂

  9. LuLinQa

    Hope u will have some opportunity :). Maybe we will meet there 🙂 But I have to talk to my parents 😛

  10. Bróna

    Wow Kim. She’s playing so well, but I think Justine will have the edge this time though. Hopefully not!

    LuLinQa, do you play much tennis?

  11. LuLinQa

    Bróna, just 2-3 times a week 🙂 I am not really good but I am enjozing it a lot 🙂 And u ?

  12. LuLinQa

    For sure, also the shortest 🙂 Oh, another lucky person. You ca go to Wimby. 🙂 Which school do u go to? I mean what u want to be in the future ? 🙂

  13. LuLinQa

    BTW, sorry for my mistakes, I don´t know all the phrases, so I translate it the way I say it in my language 🙂

  14. Bróna

    Hehe, yes I am lucky. I’ve been to Wimbledon twice 🙂 I’m still in school, I’m almost finished my second last year and when I finish next year I hope to go to college, but I don’t know what I want to do yet! What about you? I can understand you just fine 🙂

  15. LuLinQa

    Lol I have never seen a grasscourt 😛
    2 days ago, I just passed the tests for high school, so from september I will be going to high school where u learn everything in spanish 🙂 and in the future I want to work in fashion industry or to be a diplomatic 😀 but it´s far future 🙂

  16. LuLinQa

    I have many 🙂 Some of them which I admire for their achievments and some of them which I just like 🙂 So in 1st category are Henin, Clijsters, Williams duo, Navratilova, Sveta and Masha. 🙂 Then there are Vika, Caro, Dinara, JJ, Ana, Lena, Cibulkova and Pavlyuchenkova. 🙂 too many I know 🙂 but my very favourite is probably Caro. U??

  17. Bróna

    Well I have a lot of favourites too! My absolute favourite is Sharapova, but then there’s Vika, Clijsters, Dementieva and Ivanovic. Then after that JJ, Hantuchova, Pennetta and Lisicki. Safina, Wozniacki and Kuznetsova are ok too. There’s just so many of them! 🙂

  18. LuLinQa

    I love Masha´s designs, they are unbelievable 🙂 Especially Cole Haan shoes 🙂 I think women´s tennis is really consistent nowadays 🙂 and my fav´s list changes often, it depends on their performances a lot 🙂 Anyway, do u have Facebook?

  19. Bróna

    Yeah, she’s really talented both on and off the court. No, I don’t have Facebook. I would get addicted to it really easily 🙂

  20. Bróna

    I’m not crazy about fashion, but I love seeing all of the outfits that the players wear, especially Sharapova’s. I do love clothes and shopping though.

  21. LuLinQa

    Me too. I love shopping, but my parents wallet doesn´t. 🙂 I´m gonna buy some parfum, do u know about some good one? I can´t decide between many of them.

  22. Bróna

    Ooh, that’s a tough one. I like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears’ perfumes and Tommy Hilfiger does some nice ones too. The problem when it comes to perfume is that most of the nice ones are not cheap. My favourite one is called Flower by Kenzo. 🙂

  23. LuLinQa

    My sister has Fantasy by Britney and it´s awesome. Perfumes are usually expensive :/ Thank you for advice, I will try it 🙂

  24. jacob

    hahaha everytime i read that conversation it just made me smile. finally people seem to be getting along on this blog. my favourite is serena williams of course, but i also like venus alot to. and i like ana when shes on form!

  25. LuLinQa

    I love this blob because there are so many great people 😉
    jacob I will buy it online for sure, but 1st I have to smell it in a shop 🙂
    Thank you to all of you honeys for helping me 🙂 I will write which one I will buy definitely 😉

  26. Marija Post author

    LuLinQa, also D&G Light Blue is wonderful, although everyone used to have it hear so I try to avoid it.

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