Nicole Vaidisova quits tennis, to marry Radek Stepanek in July

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Nicole VaidisovaFormer world number seven Nicole Vaidisova has retired at the young age of 20 and is planning to marry long-time boyfriend Radek Stepanek in July.

The Czech was once one of the brightest new stars, and her indisputably good looks only added to her popularity, but in the recent years her results were more than disappointing, especially having in mind her wasted talent.

The fact that Vaidisova lost in the first round of an ITF tournament this year is making her retirement from the sport less of a shocking decision. Her last tennis match was loss to Kaia Kanepi of Estonia in Memphis second round last month.

Vaidisova has just informed the upcoming Sony Ericsson Open in Miami that she’s rejecting a wildcard and pulled out of all her tournaments the rest of the season.

Vaidisova is ending her tennis career ranked 176th, with six WTA Tour titles under her belt – the last one came a long time ago, in Strasbourg in 2006. In addition, she can be proud of two semifinals Grand Slam showings, at the 2006 French Open and 2007 Australian Open. (source: Tennis Reporters, photo: Stephane Martinache)

18 thoughts on “Nicole Vaidisova quits tennis, to marry Radek Stepanek in July

  1. Tony

    Wise choice. If her hearts not in it anymore then sh’e better off retiring.

    Shame though, the way she completely lost her way, as she was a real talent.

    Of course it’s all Stepaneks fault!! He went with Hingis too and she retired afterwards!! 😉

  2. bb

    I really liked her…Shocking that such a wonderful girl would end up with such an unatractive person. In the end love has no boundries! WIth the money she earned, no wonder she has no will for tennis!

    Marija, are you noticing something? (I’m not thanking you everytime anymore!)


  3. Marija Post author

    Bb, I’m actually on Vaidisova’s side, not everything is in the looks.

    Yes, I’ve noticed. It’s not that I minded you thanking me, I just said that it was not necessary.

  4. Lilly

    Yeah, I’m sad too! She’s only 20 and she’s retiring? Then again, Justine returned at 27 so Nicole still has time to un-retire lol. But she’s got a future to plan with Radek and needs time to plan what she’s going to do next.

  5. Mentari

    Well…I’m not surprised at all. But…she’s only 20 for God’s sake! I believe she had many opportunities to build her game, but…it’s her decision. I wish her all the best in the future.

  6. Marija Post author

    Vaidisova has plenty of time to unretire, actually, judging by the current trend, she will probably unretire a couple of times.

  7. Lilly

    Exactly. So even though she’s retiring now she can always come back. She’s probably just doing it now because she’s getting married and because she doesn’t like her current results.

  8. Sven

    Very sad that Nicole has given up at such a tender age and that Radek has not encouraged her to continue playing….must have taken lots of effort to reach that level

  9. Joel Knoblauch

    Congratulations to Nicole and Radek. There is (and should be) life after pro tennis. 20 is not too old to consider attending college; or embarking on a wholly new life adventure or pursuit I recollect Nicole got sick in 2007 when there was a potent virus circulating in Bradenton. It seemed she never recovered her best form after her illness. I doubt you would hear “excuses” from Nicole, but the fact is, if one is not 100% healthy and fit, one has little chance to succeed on a world-competition level.

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy life, with or without pro tennis.


  10. Robert Chan

    Everyone makes his/her own decision.
    But at 20, I think Nicole Vaidisova is too young to quit unless she got SERIOUS UNREPARABLE injuries. Nicole could achieve more. Maybe up to 25, then get married

  11. albino

    Life is definitely not over at 20, but it’s definitely too early to get married. Nicole will learn this the hard way. After her marriage fails horribly.

  12. bob

    yeah it is a shame but she’s only 20 and in women’s tennis it’s possible to take time off and come back.
    hopefully we’ll see her back on the courts soon enough.

  13. roberto

    man i was wondering what had happened to her tennis ladies now is pretty boring in my opion retire at 20 is crazy

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