Martina Hingis engaged to Zurich attorney, Nicole Vaidisova to marry Radek Stepanek

Martina Hingis and fiance Andreas Bieri

Former world No.1 Martina Hingis of Switzerland has become engaged to her boyfriend Andreas Bieri, a 38-year-old Zurich attorney, and will marry him this year.

The 29-year-old five-time Grand Slam champion commented on her engagement for Zisch newspaper: “It’s true: Andreas has made me a marriage proposal. I was totally surprised. Of course I accepted.”

Nicole Vaidisova and Radek Stepanek

Hingis used to be engaged to fellow tennis player Radek Stepanek. When they broke off their engagement in 2007, Stepanek started dating 11 years younger tennis beauty Nicole Vaidisova and they are getting married as well, as Women Who Serve reports. However, this is not the first time news about Vaidisova’s and Stepanek’s marriage are circulating.

By the way, new tennis blog called Goddesses of the Court has a nice and supportive post about Nicole Vaidisova’s talent and her career slump, that as you know Radek Stepanek is often blamed for. (via WTA Women Tennis)

20 thoughts on “Martina Hingis engaged to Zurich attorney, Nicole Vaidisova to marry Radek Stepanek

  1. bb

    eww…weird much? Both couples are awk.

    who knows…there might even be chemistry between them!

  2. marine

    Jacob, she is back. She recently played at a smaller tournament in Latin America. Well, both of the women seem to be attracted to older men. I still wish Hingis came back at least for a season.

  3. fadi

    I think it will be the worst thing for her to marry him ,she danced in strictly, she did not find the support from him to return to tennis he did not support her to clear her name from cocaine (although he is a lawyer) and she became just a modle and all that while he is living whith her did he knows what does it mean jealousy?! he does not has any relation whith sport so how Martina will live whith him for ever?! I know that she needs a man so baddly in her life, but i trust me princess this is not him in any way, i am sure all what he wants is her body and her millions, and Martina why did you wait all these years if you want to end your life whith some one good for no thing as him?!

  4. LuLinQa

    Martina was not born in Czech republic but in Košice, the 2nd biggest city in Slovakia.

  5. Marija Post author

    LuLinQa, of course, mistakes happen. But the fact that many people don’t know about Slovakia is not a consolation.

  6. Marija Post author

    Hiinnggiiisss, yes I had heard the news but I hoped it was just a rumor. Well, now that you pinched me I have posted the update of the situation on my blog. Well, I suppose, engagements are there to be broken off. 🙂

  7. hiinnggiiisss

    I wanted it to be a rumour as well…..awww….I hope Martina soon finds her man.

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