Venus and Serena Williams skip Fed Cup for football

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Venus Williams and TideSerena and Venus Williams

While their countrywomen were sweating on the tennis court in USA’s Fed Cup meeting with France this weekend, top two American players Venus and Serena Williams joined the football world.

Being part-owners of the Dolphins NFL franchise, the sisters attended Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. Moreover, Venus hosted the launch of a new Tide product: Tide plus Febreze Freshness Sport.

Just to mention, even without the Williams sisters team USA defeated France 4-1 and reached Fed Cup semifinals where they will face Russia. (source: Tennis Served Fresh)

11 thoughts on “Venus and Serena Williams skip Fed Cup for football

  1. TennisAce

    Did you not hear. The Williams Sisters are not Americans. They dont care about their country. Venus’ game is defective and is only effective on grass and Serena is only concerned about Grand Slams. Why is everyone asking where are the Williams Sisters? Why is no one asking where is Sharapova, she of the I love Russia and will play all the time, as long as it does not interfere with my latte loving time with my boyfriend. Whatever people. Its about time the USTA puts up members who have benefitted from the USTA largesse to have them go out there and play for the good ole USA. In case you guys have not noticed, Venus and Serena were not the only ones who skipped Fed Cup. Justine and Kim did not play and do not tell me that they are tired. Yanina who has been playing almost every day since the season began played and was instrumental in winning that tie. In addition Venus and Serena are in the twilight of their careers, Serena played 14 matches at the AO bandaged from head to foot and she was supposed to go out and play Fed Cup the week after the Australian Open. I know that folks think she is super woman but when is enough, enough. Let Oudin and Mattek-Sands go play, they are not doing anything on the regular tour anyway.

  2. TennisAce

    Marija, you would have preferred they went out there bandaged and bruised and put their careers in jeopardy, just to please people. For what purpose? Who would have gained? Say the Sisters did go out and play and they lost, what would have been the commentary then? I would have thought you would at least have tried to be objective but I guess that is too much to ask from you right now.

  3. Nikki Dai

    Hilarious. Oudin and the rest of the US team who don’t amount to much at slams and other tournaments can show up at Fed Cup because that’s all they’re good for. Serena and to an extent Venus, are the true American representation worldwide where it counts, at the slams.

  4. jacob

    I understand why they didn’t play. At the risk of sounding selfish, i would put myself before my country, this is after a huge slam that Serena won both, and i imagine Venus was tired too. They just need a rest 🙂

  5. Marija Post author

    I agree they should do what they feel is best for them, but I find it funny too see them in all sorts of off-court events while others are playing tennis. They are skipping school and are right there having fun in the schoolyard. 🙂

  6. TennisAce

    So what would you have them do? Stay home and mope. Or perhaps they should have gone to France and cheered from the sidelines. The last time I looked many top players who did not play Fed Cup this weekend were not in the stands, save for Amelie and she is retired. I get the feeling that most people feel like Serena and Venus should put everything else on hold where their lives are concerned for the good ole USA. That is too darned funny

  7. ash

    let this be known to anyone who thinks the girls are not american… how dare and disrespectful to even suggest that when they have brought home gold medals in doubles and always put america on the map by winning slams. because without them there is NO ONE else doing it.
    if anything serena and venus are chasing their american dream, and it aint all about tennis.. they are making sure that when they retire their dream will still be alive, and investing in alot of things outside tennis is bringing that to them let alone brining the world to realise that tennis players arent all about hitting the ball.

  8. Marine

    Marija, guess why so many Americans call them part-time tennis players?
    Anyhow, I don’t think USA team will struggle without them, at least other players will get opportunities to show off their skills.In a way, it strengten their team, they decided to go for it even without the support from the big names and have in fact, made a name for themselves. And everyone’s happy.

  9. fyoto

    Why are the sisters questioned about Fedcup when the captain of the team disses them in front of the world.The Dominican Mary Jo went too far in Australia with her disrespect of the sisters.I dont blame them let her tutor Houdini and other no names.

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