Kim Clijsters honored by Barbie doll lookalike

Kim Clijsters and daughter Jada as Barbie dolls

Barbie manufacturer Mattel, the world’s largest toy company, made a doll to celebrate great sportswoman Kim Clijsters and her little daughter Jada, who made Kim’s 2009 US Open victory even sweeter and melted the hearts of all tennis fans.

However, the honor would be much greater if the Barbie looked more like real Kim, and not like “Kim on crack” as one commentator on Tennis Forum rightfully said. Also, Jada is much more beautiful than her doll, in reality she is cute, and here she looks like those poor girls they treat for hours to take part in beauty pageants.

Fortunately, the Barbie won’t be sold. It was made only to be exhibited and it was unveiled today in the German city of Nuremberg.

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29 thoughts on “Kim Clijsters honored by Barbie doll lookalike

  1. Karunya

    The dolls definitely look weird.
    Kim is nowhere as thin as that doll!

    It is not fair on Mattel’s part to produce a doll in the likeness of a sportswoman, Kim, to inspire little girls “to be whatever they want to be” and make it very anorexic-looking. But Kim doesn’t seem to mind.

  2. Marija Post author

    Karunya, if Kim’s legs were thin like these, they would break in the middle of a tennis match. And yes, Fyoto, her face is also different, although I think that real Kim is prettier.

  3. jacob

    Hahah true. But if Daniela got any thinner, her legs might shatter during a match! 😀

    Kim is very pretty, and her daughter Jada certainly got her genes 🙂

  4. LuLinQa

    it´s crazy that Barbie is so thin cuz it inspires young girls to be anorexic :/ kim is nice the way she is so why did they change her ? :/
    yeah Jada is so sweet 🙂

  5. Marija Post author

    It’s insulting for Kim actually. But she doesn’t seem to care. From what I’ve seen, her comments are only positive.

  6. marine

    I had many barbies and I’m no anorexic :-). But the doll could have been definitely a bit prettier.

  7. Kiaha

    ok lets be honest here Barbie is all about beauty and image!. And for you to say that Kim is thinner
    then Daniela? damn you must be blind!!! I seen
    her live at the U.S. OPEN and she is no way thin
    as you think she is…She is 150 lbs compared
    to Daniela, hell Serena is thinner and more
    built then her. So lets be real now. If you want
    to compare her against someone say Kuznetsova…

  8. Marija Post author

    Marine, good point, but still, not need for anorexic Barbies. And especially when they are a replica of a person that is not thin at all.

  9. Bróna

    Marija, are you saying that Kim is not thin? I wouldn’t say that she is super thin, she is just not quite as thin as some of the other players. She is by no means fat, she just has an athletic build, which suits her. I agree, both Jada and Kim are much nicer looking than their Barbie replicas. I actually know someone who will not let their daughter play with Barbie dolls because they think it sets a bad example.

  10. Marija Post author

    Bróna, Kim is not thin, and not fat. She doesn’t have that model look, like some players, but rather an athletic build as you said. Anyway, the only thing that is important is that she doesn’t look like her doll. Phew. 🙂

  11. Lilly

    Well barbie dolls are all disproportionate, so I’m not surprised by Kim’s doll. Although Kim’s body doesn’t look this disproportionate, the face and hair look similar to me (ie. if you asked me which tennis player it was I’d be able to identify her lol).

  12. Marija Post author

    Fyoto, yeah, Kim looks just like Fiona.

    Lilly, I would recognize Kim because of Jada by her side. 😛

  13. Lilly

    Would you say Kim is the most successful mom on tour ever after having a child? I mean, female who had a kid and continued to play (not had a kid and then stopped).

  14. Marija Post author

    Lilly, I think she is. The fact she won the US Open so soon after coming back is amazing. Of the recent such cases Davenport was also a very successful comeback mom, but Kim won a Grand Slam and it is a much bigger deal.

  15. jacob

    what about that australian aboriginal from the 1980’s? She won about 3 grand slams after her child….

  16. Marija Post author

    Oh, I’m not too acquainted with the players that were famous before I was born, but I can see that Goolagong won one Grand Slam after giving birth – Wimbledon in 1980.

  17. fyoto

    Kim got lucky at the Open,I dont think she will have that chance again plus giving birth is not like an injury…its a natural process and after six months your body is back to normal.Giving birth and career ending injuries are two different things,when you give birth you are not injured..

  18. Marija Post author

    I don’t know, I haven’t been pregnant, but I can imagine it’s not that simple, even though your body is back to normal you have one huge thing more to care about in your life.

  19. Lilly

    Yes, I’d imagine childbirth as being a life-long “injury”-your body completely changes after childbirth-most moms can’t get back into their pre-pregnancy jeans (not from a lack of exercise), but just because of how their body changes due to the 9 months of being pregnant. Furthermore, having multiple kids would continue to alter a woman’s body, so I would say your body is normal, but it’s not the SAME as never giving birth.

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