Oracene Price sick of tennis

I came across this funny interview with Serena’s and Venus’s mother Oracene Price, who talks about how she’s had enough of the tennis life and its repetitiveness. She really opened up to the reporter and even revealed why she wears sunglasses at tennis matches (I’m sure you can already guess the reason).

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7 thoughts on “Oracene Price sick of tennis

  1. Marine

    I have seen this before and it really speaks volumes. I mean, if she suffers out there too much maybe she shouldn’t go with them. If you compare her and Elena’s mother it’s quite a difference!

  2. joe

    haha marine i dont think shes serious,she just is a really funny and sarcastic person judging by this interview,besides elena mom is waiting for that big moment in tennis(a grand slam title win)to still worry about,oracene has done her part in raising her daughters,now it her time to relax:)

  3. maz1971

    I think it’s just a wynd up, she loves watching her daughters out there and is so proud of them otherwise she wouldn’t be there as much. wicked sense of humour she has. cool !!

  4. Marija Post author

    I think she’s telling the truth, but in a joking way. She’s had it all in tennis, her daughters have achieved so much, so I can understand that her excitement is not on a very high level any more. Haha I like the way she’s explaining her situation in this video.

  5. Marine

    That’s why I wonder why is she still out there. Maybe she should slow down and not go to every tournament if it’s getting too much for her. On the other hand their father is always there, so maybe she wants to watch her competition 🙂

  6. Marija Post author

    I suppose she feels obliged to be there. She must be having her reasons. On the other hand, I’m not worried for her, she won’t die of boredom, there are worse things than that, and plus, she doesn’t seem to be too bored, so everything is under control, I would say.

  7. Brett

    If you consider tennis a “Class” sport this woman is a turd in a punch bowl. Calling someone “Medusa” with that wig and Superfly glasses on is laughable. Someone should show her to the back gate.

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