Vera Zvonareva preparing for 2010 at IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy

World No.9 Vera Zvonareva ended the 2009 season with a right ankle injury and a surgical procedure, but the Russian is getting back into form at the IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy, preparing for the next year.

Zvonareva had a great start of 2009. She reached Australian Open semifinals, and won titles at Pattaya City and Indian Wells. Then she sustained the ankle injury at Charleston in April, which put her away from competition until June. At the end of the season, she withdrew from the Sony Ericsson Championships with the same injury.

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8 thoughts on “Vera Zvonareva preparing for 2010 at IMG Bollettieri Tennis Academy

  1. Curtis

    It’s just so weird see Scott Byrnes work with another player besides Ana. It seems pretty obvious now that Ana’s team decided to get rid of him and I don’t get why. He had such a great relationship with Ana and did wonders for her fitness. Bepa is very lucky to have him. Her gain, Ana’s loss. 🙁

  2. Lilly

    So this is what they do to keep in shape/fit, huh? I need an Adidas trainer! Glad to see Vera’s back. I hate it when players who are on the rise get hampered by constant/perpetuating injuries.

  3. Marija

    Lilly, I was most amazed when I saw Murray’s training sessions. It’s so amazing. He’s doing a lot of pilates, but like the highest level.

  4. Lilly

    See, that’s why he shows off his guns, because he puts a lot of work into it. That’s how I know he has to have a really good body… and he’s British. Haha. But I bet most male tennis players are intense about their workouts, the girls not as much… I’ve heard some of them have to force themselves onto the treadmill lol.

  5. marine

    Yeah, the girls need to push themeselves more, we’ve seen it last season. The only one who did really grind and it showed is Juju.

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