Ana Ivanovic buys luxurious apartment in Belgrade

Ana Ivanovic buys luxurious apartment in Belgrade

Serbian Ana Ivanovic has recently bought a 100 m2 deluxe apartment in her hometown of Belgrade, in an exclusive complex called Savograd that is still under construction.

Ana’s building will include reception, security and 24/7 video surveillance, and each lavishly equipped apartment will have a few parking spots.

The construction of the building is in last phase, and Ana’s parents have already started designing the interior of the apartment. I almost forgot to mention, the apartment cost €400,000.

Remember, last year Ana bought a luxurious €4.5 million villa in Mallorca, Spain. (source in Serbian: Blic)

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11 thoughts on “Ana Ivanovic buys luxurious apartment in Belgrade

  1. Curtis

    Ana is filthy rich! I am surprised she hasn’t bought a home in Australia yet since she spends so much time there and loves it there. Maybe one day, when she is married to Adam Scott and they got little kids running around. LOL

  2. Zuleika

    Yeah because of Ana’s romance with Scott, I started watching golf just to see. He looks so cute, like a baby cute, cheeks and all. I’ll bet they’ll have adorable little Anas and Adams fighting will a club and racquet one day.

  3. LuLinQa

    well she is very rich I think 🙂 guys she is just 21 and dating with adam just for some months so 😀

  4. Karunya

    She looks absolutely stunning in that pic!

    Good luck to her and congratulations on the new apartment!

  5. marine

    Well, they are all very rich 🙂 Hopefully now she has these nice properties her tennis will get to the previous level…

  6. fyoto

    She is not Sharapova or Williams rich.She will lose some of her endorsements like Rolex since Justine is coming back.She is wise to invest in property but I wonder if buying property in Serbia is wise because of the location…its like buying property in Albania or Moldova..

  7. LuLinQa

    fyoto that´s true. and especially after she lost her form and if she didn´t get it back she would lost money

  8. marine

    Well, maybe it will work the other way around and now she’s under pressure her game will improve. A bit of shock treatment sometimes helps…

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