Flavia Pennetta modeling Pin-Up Stars bikinis in Milan


Flavia Pennetta modeling in Milan

Let’s put Justine Henins’s comeback aside for a moment, and shift our attention to a piece of off-court news.

Italian No.1 Flavia Pennetta hit a runway in Milan to present creations from Pin-Up Stars’ Spring/Summer 2010 women’s collection.

Flavia Pennetta modeling in Milan

The world No.10 Flavia certainly deserves more exposure. (via HCFoo’s Tennis Blog)


  1. Soy Argentino y te quiero felicitar por tu blog, Excelente!!! y uno de los pocos realmente donde se pueden tener noticias actualizadas de la WTA, Saludos y sigue así!

  2. She looks good, though she doesn’t really have a shape. But that’s understandable since she’s an athlete. However, I’d prefer if her twins were “more seen”. 😛

  3. Ale, luckily I understand a bit of Spanish. Thank you very much for your kind words and appreciation of my work here at Women’s Tennis Blog.

    Teerin, yes, Flavia isn’t really shaped like a model, but I like it that she’s natural and she’s shining on this runway.

  4. “It’s their life, they do what they want. But it is always painful to see women’s tennis return to girls that pose in swimsuits. It is a little degrading for us not to recognize the quality of our game and we always turn into pom-pom girls, or a top model, object of seduction.”

    Marion Bartoli

  5. Alice, I completely agree with Marion’s point of view. I don’t mind players modeling, especially if they themselves enjoy it, but women’s tennis should be careful not to cross the line and turn tennis players into “pom-pom girls” as Marion said.

  6. marion bartoli is obviously showing discontent with her self-esteem and personal figure…

    she should not talk, and practice more! I would not enjoy watching her model both editorially and doing the catwalk!

  7. Ugh, bb….c’mon! A woman speaks out against the frequent depiction of athletes as sexualised models, and now she is ‘discontent’ with her figure??? Gimme a break!! Maybe she just wants female athletes to be portrayed as: strong, on the tennis court in action (rather than in a bikini with a vacant smile on their face) and not always discussing their boyfriends or personal life!!!! A woman is allowed her opinion without people commenting she is jealous or has low self esteem.

  8. Yes Marija, because after all they have to remember that as tennis players they are role-models.. and this sends out an unhelpful message to young girls all over the world. We remember the Wimbledon centre court babes scandal during the summertime, where the AELTC and BBC admitted they put looks ahead of tennis pedigree when allocating courts. We have fought so hard for our civil rights (or at least our precedessors have on our behalf) only for the likes of the Bikini trio and Pennetta to treat it all so frivolously. Yes it’s her choice, but this isn’t the face of women’s tennis I want to see marketed to China, India, and the emerging economies.

    Keep up the good work Marija! 🙂

  9. Well said, Alice…. let’s start marketing and focusing on female tennis players as athletes and fierce competitors, not as bikini clad models

  10. Thank you, Alice.

    I have to admit that I’m not against players modeling, as a matter of fact, I’m featuring such photo shoots quite often on this blog. Those are some light posts, as I like to call them, and I like to make my blog a mixture of everything. However, I’m careful not to cross the line, as I have mentioned.

  11. I know that, and if it wasn’t for you making me aware of this story I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sound off lol.

    It’s all about opinions and I respect yours and the work you do here.

    Have a good weekend. Cheers!

  12. Haha “I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sound off”. Lucky me! 🙂

    You too, Alice, have a great weekend. To tell you the truth, mine looks promising. 😉

  13. Caroline Wozniacki just said she’ll never pose naked and leave it to Anna Kournikova while Agnieszka Radwanska said she’d love to do a naked session in the future. 😛


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