Caroline Wozniacki meets David Beckham in Los Angeles

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Caroline Wozniacki meets David Beckham in Los Angeles

Young tennis star Caroline Wozniacki had a moment of living the dreams of women worldwide, meeting celebrated soccer player, and model we can add, David Beckham.

Wozniacki met some Los Angeles Galaxy players, and hence she had the pleasure of meeting Beckham as well.

Additional info: World No.8 Caroline Wozniacki is seeded fourth at the LA Women’s Tennis Championships. The Dane is playing Romania’s Sorana Cirstea in the second round. (source: Sony Ericsson WTA Tour)


  1. Being an L.A. Galaxy fan and I know that way off the tennis topic, Beckham has been an A-Hole. Clearly by his actions and on what he has said, he doesn’t want to be with the L.A. club. On his first game at home (this season)Beckham was several times Booed loudly by Galaxy fans. He didn’t take it lightly, after the game he was literally fighting with fans, there is a video tape of the incident. The Galaxy club has done far worse since he came aboard. Beckham has not been a leader for the team and he has publicly been criticize by team captain Donovan. He was also Booed at the Galaxy-Barcelona match. All in all his hiring has been a disaster. I’m sure with all of this negative incidents his appeal with the females fans won’t wane, am I right Ms. Marija?

    The first rounds of Carson tournament are not being televised in L.A. and the rest of the U.S. T.V. Coverage will be Friday through Sunday, meaning that everyone in the U.S. will miss Sharapova-Azarenka match.

    Is Wozniacki going to debut the Stella McCurse outfits in this tournament?

  2. Haha ‘Stella McCurse’…. the outfits still look great!!

    I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure the partnership is set to start at the US Open

  3. Carlos, I’m pretty sure you’re right, his appeal with female fans won’t be affected. Haha. 🙂


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