Elena Dementieva’s 2009 US Open Yonex dress

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Elena Dementieva

World number four Elena Dementieva is supposed to wear this Yonex dress at the 2009 US Open. The dress is smoke red with white segments and has dual spaghetti straps with cross back.

I hope that in the coming weeks we will learn more about what other players will wear at the final Grand Slam of the year. So far we’ve seen Ana Ivanovic’s adidas dress for the tournament. (source: Tennis Warehouse)

10 thoughts on “Elena Dementieva’s 2009 US Open Yonex dress

  1. Teerin

    Elena is a really great player and I think she deserves a better clothing sponsor. I mean, Yonex for clothing? I’m pretty sure she has some other offers but turned them down because she’s being loyal. But she’s a great player and a very pretty woman — she deserves much better outfits!

    Those Yonex outfits she wears looks all the same to me.

  2. Bróna

    She could do better, but this outfit isn’t too bad. It’s better than some of the other Yonex outfits she’s worn in the past. I definitely prefer Ana’s dresses for the US Open, especially the night dress.

  3. Carlos

    I’m no fashion expert but that’s a very very UGLY dress poor girl, I hope she wins the US open or she will always be remembered as the player with the ugliest dress in 2009.

  4. nacho

    yuo know marija, seeing this report.. i was wondering if you could make a collection of bethanie mattek’s outfits.. they are just extremely horrible!!!!

  5. Marija

    Yonex outfits are basically not ugly, they are just too average and boring. And Elena is a very pretty girl who could use prettier outfits to accentuate her beauty.

    Bethanie Mattek’s outfits, hm, that’s a great suggestion, but I wouldn’t know where to start from. Teerin, I will write down your suggestion, and I could feature it, why not.

  6. Teerin

    Teerin? You probably mean “nacho” about the suggestion of Bethanie Mattek’s outfits. 😛

  7. Quixie

    Elena looks great in pink, orange, yellow, red, blue and lavendar purple. I think this is a great color for her, and I love the back of the dress with the dual spaghetti straps, but I agree that it would be nice for Elena to get some upgraded outfits. Here outfits are always very similar and she tends to over wear them. I have seen this dress since the beginning of the summer. At least Elena is very focused on her tennis, so maybe it’s good that the outfit won’t be too distracting.

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