to show more Wimbledon than ever before

I got an e-mail from, ESPN’s live sports broadband network, and I decided to help them spread the word about their Wimbledon coverage.’s coverage of Wimbledon will take place from Monday, June 22 through Sunday, July 5, and they will be showing more of the Wimbledon tournament than ever before. The broadband service will have live coverage of up to 9 courts through the semifinals, totaling nearly 650 hours of live tennis. will also simulcast ESPN2’s nearly 100 hours of coverage and will have the Wimbledon Finals events on-demand the morning following competition.

Prepare yourselves for the fortnight of tennis, it starts tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “ to show more Wimbledon than ever before

  1. Teerin

    Don’t know what’s wrong with Maria. She’s playing horribly in her first match. She’s losing the first set and the match. Well, on the positive side she’ll not be losing that many points. Maybe too many people are expecting from her too much at Wimbledon, she’s not playing well at Wimbledon lately.

    Who am I gonna watch now?

  2. Teerin

    People ignore my comments above and from now on. 😛

    Maria came back from 1-4 and 3-5 to win first set 7-5 and second set 6-4. It was a tough match, but she came back.. again.

    Typical Teerin, the negative guy. 😛

  3. Teerin

    Maria Sharapova: “I was only down two breaks and I thought to myself: ‘it’s not over until it’s over'”

    Only down two breaks.. you gotta love her.

    I’m so obsessed with Maria, sorry for posting again. 😛

  4. Carlos

    This is why I don’t like ESPN, Wimbledon second day is 4 am in the morning L.A. local time when coverage began, JJ was playing and Wozniacki too. Did ESPN showed those matches? NO! Instead they show a team of about ten commentators yakking and yakking. It must have been 45 minutes of talking and 15 minutes of matches. One word for the coverage: Pathetic

  5. Carlos

    Ms. Marija, the same way that you don’t like Eurosport the same way I don’t like ESPN. 😛

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