Dinara Safina and Svetlana Kuznetsova to battle for French Open crown

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Dinara SafinaSvetlana KuznetsovaThis is probably the first time I was successful at predicting finalists, Dinara Safina and Svetlana Kuznetsova have been by far my strongest favorites for Roland Garros title. The top-seeded Safina and seventh-seeded Kuznetsova defeated their semifinal opponents, Dominika Cibulkova and Samantha Stosur respectively, to make an all-Russian 2009 French Open final.

World number one Dinara Safina reached her second successive Roland Garros final by capitalizing on a series of costly errors from Slovakia’s world number 19 Dominika Cibulkova to win a scrappy match 6-3 6-3.

“I’m trying to control my emotions. I’m not playing my best, but still it’s not easy to beat me,” said Safina.

The 2006 French Open runner-up Kuznetsova served for the match in the second set and then squandered a 5-2 lead in the tiebreak, but recovered her nerve in the decider to defeat surprise semifinalist Samantha Stosur of Australia. Stosur will be a member of the Top 20 when the rankings are released on Monday.

Match-up: The 2006 US Open champion Kuznetsova will be competing in her fourth Grand Slam final, and Safina in her third. Safina leads their head-to-head record 8-5, and she won their last match, in the Rome final. However, Kuznetsova is the only player to have beaten Safina on clay this season. This should be the most thrilling French Open final we could get right now. (source: BBC, photos: Tennis Channel, Sony Ericsson WTA Tour)

14 thoughts on “Dinara Safina and Svetlana Kuznetsova to battle for French Open crown

  1. Kelly

    I know Dinara will win, but I don’t want her to.

    Ivanovic did the same thing…. She lost in the FO final in 07, lost in AO final in 08 won FO then lost everything

    I hope this doesn’t happen to Dinara… :'(

  2. RichF

    I’m pulling for Dinara, but if they both bring their A games it should be a great match.

  3. Zuleika

    Don’t worry Kelly, this should never happen to Dina; Ivanovic’s circumstances were unique and employ such excuse to justify your dislke towards Dina is quite incongruous and extreme. A maiden grand slam is universally accepted as the justification of a champion, the only exception of course, Ivanovic.

    To infinte success and beyond, Dina!

  4. BobW

    Let’s just hope this russian final is better than the previous dire matches. The semi’s were error strewn with only the odd exchange to liven up the matches. The most interesting thing to happen in the Safina match was her obscene language in english which was caught wonderfully well on the Eurosport coverage.

  5. jakey apple

    im so annoyed! samantha stosur had break point in the 3rd set!! argh, if only she had got it!

    do we know where she will stand on the rankings?

  6. Zuleika

    Marija, what are your personal thoughts on the winner of this match? Dina or Kuznetsova?

  7. Teerin

    I have to admit I feel sorry for Dinara Safina right now that’s she’s losing. This is her third Grand Slam title already and if she doesn’t get this I think it would truly disappointing for her.

  8. Teerin

    She double-faulted on the championship point. How sad, first time I saw Safina crying.

  9. Zuleika

    It’s definetely not going to happen to Dinara Kelly, she’s awarded Svets a 6-4, 6-2 match on a golden platter.

    So all in all, thanks Dinara,

    For proving EVERYONE WRONG by failing miserably to win your third grand slam final as the technical ‘world’s best player’ after a spectacular clay-court season;

    Thanks for fulfilling everyone’s secret hope for Kuzy’s victory;

    Thanks for not acknowledging or improving your serve and hence in the process corrupting and disregarding your dreams and the spirit of your fans, old and newly acquired over the last clay season;

    Thanks for failing to eliminate that Grand Slam monkey off your back,
    And thanks for such yet another shocking and disillusioning Grand slam women’s final

    Dina critics, you can feel free to attack now.

    Oh and btw, congrats Kuzy for capitalising on Dina’s voluntary submission of the match.

  10. Zuleika

    Thanks for capsizing the WTA Tour once more, plunging in into the now, customary anarchic chaos and your first mental breakdown on court.
    Shocking performance, speechless fans, and excited critics.

  11. tennisobsessed85

    Well I said ages ago she was a shoddy World Number 1. She crumbles. It’s not entertaining. It’s ridiuclous.

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