Williamses, Jankovic, Mauresmo practice for Roland Garros

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Roland Garros starts May 24, and some players are already there, preparing for the second Grand Slam of the season.

Venus Williams practices at Roland GarrosVenus Williams practices at Roland Garros

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams, who will try to win her first French Open title, was seen training for the greatest claycourt tournament. Her sister Serena Williams, who won the event in 2002, was also busy trying to finally adapt to clay this season, with the help of father Richard.

Serena Williams prepares for French Open with father Richard

Jelena Jankovic was seen practicing with coach Ricardo Sanchez, but as you may have heard, she will most probably change her coach if she doesn’t make a good result at the French Open. Just to remind you, earlier this year Jankovic fired conditioning coach Pat Etcheberry.

JJ is exceptional on clay, but having in mind her recent problems with form and conidence, I don’t expect her to claim her first Grand Slam title this time.

Jelena Jankovic prepares for French Open with coach Ricardo Sanchez

Also spotted was Amelie Mauresmo, who still hasn’t got past the quarterfinals at her home Grand Slam.

Amelie Mauresmo prepares for Roland Garros

Additional info: The draw will be available starting Friday, May 22. (photos via Roland Garros)

12 thoughts on “Williamses, Jankovic, Mauresmo practice for Roland Garros

  1. Karolina

    Thanks for the pre- French Open wrap, Marija….It’s great to see what they’re all up to. I agree with you, don’t think JJ can win it this year, even though she is one of the best claycourters out there. It would be nice to see Amelie do well… she is in great form, and in the twilight of her career…. she deserves a good run. Hopefully she can overcome those home slam nerves….

  2. jacob appleton

    excuse me, does serena williams have a different team to venus’?

    or do venus and serena train with the same people etc?

    yeah. no victory for jj this time

  3. Marija

    I’m glad you like the post, Karolina and Jacob.

    Jacob, according to the official information, they are both coached by father Richard and mother Oracene Price. They also work with trainer Kerrie Brooks.

    Hm, only “Williams'”, are you sure? I wanted to say the Williams sisters, and I think it’s possible to say “Williamses”. Look at the example: “Williamses win in Key Biscayne; Dementieva upset” – that’s from Tennis.com.

  4. Bróna

    I don’t think that JJ, Ana, or Dementieva have much chance of winning RG because none of them are playing particularly well at the moment. For me the favourites are Sveta, Safina and Venus and Serena. I would love to see someone like Vika, Caro, Amelie or Dementieva win it though. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the draw turns out. It should be very interesting!

  5. Marija

    Bróna, I agree with what you said, except for Serena. Why would you put her as a favorite? She hasn’t won a match since the beginning of April.

    Serena is a very strong player, and you can never count her out, but judging by the recent facts, she’s not on my list of favorites.

  6. Bróna

    I say Serena because you know what Serena and Venus are like when it comes to the majors. They raise their games and are very difficult to beat. During the Australian Open Serena could have been beaten by both Azarenka and Kuznetsova, but when it came to the final she overwhelmed Safina. Don’t forget, when she won the Australian Open in 2007 she was ranked 81 and beat Sharapova off the court in the final and Sharapova was ranked number 2 at the time. I don’t think anyone expected Serena to win that one. Although I actually don’t expect either Venus or Serena to win the French Open, you really cannot count them out. I think it will be Safina who wins the French Open. Serena has a very interesting opening match against Zakopalova, considering she won their last meeting.

  7. Marija

    Bróna, I understand your point. Yes, Serena can always rise to the occasion, and she’s the best at majors. I would definitely put Dinara as the strongest favorite, but for Serena, I wouldn’t be too surprised if she exited in the early rounds.

  8. Bróna

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if either Serena or Venus went out in the early rounds. I’m looking forward to seeing how well Ana plays in Paris. I think that she will get to the fourth round but no further, as I believe that it will be Ana vs Vika in that section of the draw. Who else do you think are the favourites?

  9. Marija

    Unfortunately, I have to say I’m not expecting much from Ana. My biggest favorite, by far, is Safina, and then Kuznetsova. I’m planning to write an article with my analysis, based on facts and my feelings. It should be live tomorrow.

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