Serena Williams wins the Billie Jean King Cup, Serbs defeated

BNP Paribas Showdown for the Billie Jean King Cup, Madison Square Garden

World No.1 Serena Williams defeated older sister Venus 6-4 6-3 to win the $1.2 million BNP Paribas Showdown for the Billie Jean King Cup, a one-night exhibition event held at Madison Square Garden.

The Williams sisters pleased the home crowd of 12,026 by reaching the final. Firstly, world No.5 Venus Williams advanced with a 6-4 victory over third-ranked Jelena Jankovic in the four-women show, and later Serena Williams shook off an early challenge from seventh-ranked Ana Ivanovic and won 6-3 in the second semifinal.

Winning the tournament, Serena took home $400,000, Venus settled for $300,000, while the Serbs got $250,000 each.

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11 thoughts on “Serena Williams wins the Billie Jean King Cup, Serbs defeated

  1. Kristine

    for one night of ‘work’ you get $400,000? that’s ridiculous! and just for showing up, JJ & AI got a quarter of a million dollars!! it pays to be a top tennis player. it definitely pays.

    also, i heard J. McEnroe is more of a JJ fan than AI fan. very amusing (:

  2. Marija

    Yeah, it’s amazing how much all of them earned for this exo, that’s why I mentioned the sums here.

  3. Marija

    Haha, really! I haven’t even noticed. It’s just on this one though, there are other posters which spelled her name correctly.

  4. Marija

    Hahaha, there were some wedding rumors as a matter of fact! Who knows, maybe we’re not up-to-date. 😀 Everything’s there for a reason. 😀

  5. Marija

    Penelope, just as you wrote this comment I was about to publish a post about it. Thank you for sharing the info anyway. 😉

  6. Leslie

    It was disappointing to see the $50K check earned for charity after seeing the huge pay checks earned by the players for one night of work.

  7. Marija

    Leslie, I believe it’s fair to call it shocking and miserable, and not only disappointing.

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