Bethanie Mattek married, to miss Australian Open

Bethanie Mattek and husband Justin Sands wedding

American Bethanie Mattek married JPS Insurance President Justin Sands on Saturday, November 29, 2008 at Edgewater Beach Resort in Naples, FL. The world No.37 will take a break and skip the Australian Open.

Jelena Jankovic is a player that makes me laugh by far the most frequently, but at one level the Serb is beaten, and that is the level of the on-court fashion. Bethanie’s outfits you may not like, but you will certainly notice them, and probably find, hm, interesting. Here are just two examples, my favorites.

Of course, Bethanie’s wedding was not ordinary either. She wore a black wedding dress.

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4 thoughts on “Bethanie Mattek married, to miss Australian Open

  1. Diane

    My favorite, I suppose, will always be the Wimbledon socks. There was a run on those socks in London department stores after Bethanie wore them. I wish she were going to be in Melbourne.

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