Serena Williams reveals her awkward warm-up techniques

Serena Williams has updated her website with the insight into her interesting training regime. Here’s how you should warm up to become a Grand Slam champion. Seems we all have a chance!

Hahahaha. The moral of the vlog: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy + gotta have acting skills.

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4 thoughts on “Serena Williams reveals her awkward warm-up techniques

  1. pat frm philippines

    serena is weird……in a good way though!!!!!!!!!

    she’s childish, yet i’m loving it (i’ll be doing a mcdonalds promotion nowadays)!!!!!!!!!!


    does she really prepare like that? no sweat at all!!!

  2. Marija

    If they really prepared like that, everyone would be a Grand Slam champ. 🙂 Tennis would be boring then.

    Good like at your promotion!

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