Serena Williams’ Nike 2009 Australian Open dress

Serena Williams’ Nike 2009 Australian Open dress

This pink Nike dress is what Serena Williams is supposed wear at the 2009 Australian Open.

The model certainly doesn’t even nearly present how the dress will look on Serena, but we can see that Nike went with classic look, similar to what we’re used to from adidas’ designs. Nothing extraordinary, but nice.

By the way, this was Serena’s last year’s outfit for the Australian Open. I find that one from 2008 more inventive than this new piece.

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4 thoughts on “Serena Williams’ Nike 2009 Australian Open dress

  1. jacob

    it would be nice if the colours were different. swap the pink with a nice royal blue and the black with white. suit the arena more i think.

  2. Marija

    jacob, there is even a possibility Serena won’t wear this pink dress, but a white version of the same design. we’ll see.

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