Tatiana Golovin stays optimistic about her career

Tatiana GolovinThere have been speculations that France’s Tatiana Golovin might leave tennis because of her persistent back injury, but according to a fan site Tatiana is not losing hope.

In an e-mail Tatiana sent to www.golovin-attitude.com, she said:

“Unfortunately, I’m still suffering from my back, so I have to stop again, I can’t tell you more. It is pretty tough but I am ok and I am still optimistic.

Well, it doesn’t sound too good, but there still are chances of the 20-year-old’s return.

In addition, they are stating at the site that Tatiana’s disease might be Ankylosing spondylitis, which is a chronic degenerative inflammatory arthritis. According to doctors, athletes who have this disease will have their careers filled with ups and downs.

At the website they are also saying that the disease can’t go away, but it can disappear for certain periods of time.

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