Common dating hip-hop and not Serena Williams?

Serena Williams and Common

We have been sure Serena Williams and rapper common are dating, but look, they are denying it again.

So now, you’re dating Serena Williams?

Common: [Laughs] Nah man, I’m dating hip-hop.

I don’t know man, I saw you on a surfboard in Hawaii with her

Common: That was my first time surfing, and I had an incredible time. I’ve been on vacations with groups of friends, but of course they’re going to keep me in the pictures with Serena. They’re not going to film one of my boys, or one of my homies, like they would Serena and I.

So you’re saying you’re not dating?

Common: Nah, I’m dating hip-hop. My love is hip-hop.

So is Serena your best girl-friend?

Common: Ha, nah man. My best girl-friend is hip-hop. I’m a single man.

Oh, you can say you’re not in a relationship with Serena, but how can you say your girlfriend is hip-hop? Maybe he’s taking revenge on Serena who said that tennis was her primary interest. (via All Things Serena Williams)

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