Fernando Verdasco in love with Ana Ivanovic?

Ana Ivanovic, Fernando Verdasco at China Open party

Well, well, this seems to be more than just a rumor. Men’s tennis player Fernando Verdasco from Spain, ranked 15th in the world, seems to be in love with women’s tennis beauty Ana Ivanovic.

We have already speculated that Spaniards like Ana, but the story with Verdasco seems to be the most serous of them all (I mean, Rafael Nadal has had a girlfriend, while with Tommy Robredo we had too little evidence).

Fernando Verdasco sitting in Ana Ivanovic

The rumors about the 20-year-old Ana and 24-year-old Fernando started this week after the opening party of the China Open, the tournament in Beijing, when the two were seen chatting and laughing together.

Fernando Verdasco watching Ana Ivanovic practice at China Open

That wouldn’t mean much, but as Fernando was seen in Ana’s player box, reportedly during her quarterfinal against Zheng Jie, and was also seen watching Ana practice, sitting next to her mother, I’m beginning to think that the love match is possible. (via Tennis Forum)

48 thoughts on “Fernando Verdasco in love with Ana Ivanovic?

  1. leslie

    Yeah no….she needs to get far, far away from him. I saw him at tourneys WHILE he had a girlfriend and he was with other females on the way upstairs. He is not boyfriend material. I know he is a semi nice guy…likes to drink a bit BUT she needs to take her penicillin and walk away.

  2. Marija

    I didn’t know he was a womanizer, but he didn’t look right for Ana anyway. I’m more for Rafa-Ana combination. Anyway, she’s still young, I suppose Fernando is not the last man in her life.

  3. faith

    ana you’ve got a wrong choice if i were i would choice novak bcoz his very down-to -earth and very humble person…

  4. faith

    you’ve got the wrong choice if i were you i would choice novak coz his vey humble and very down-to-earth person…

  5. gio

    Love starts with a man that can make a woman laugh like that.

    What a gorgeous photo!

    Much love and joy to them both.

  6. Carol Chan

    Ana is a good person but Verdasco is just a normal guy. I think she should’t be with him. Anyway, she is my favorite player and I always support her.

  7. Rajah

    She has a bad TASTE for men. She is a gorgeous woman, but this guy, I don’t know…Seriously, they do not match.

  8. Marija

    Rajah, we think alike! I can’t say he’s not good-looking, but I simply don’t feel him, and I don’t feel him for Ana either. I believe this is just a phase she has to go through.

  9. Rajah

    Marija, I think you are right, but I feel bad to say that, but you know I can’t see that chemistry>..maybe both have some undestanding.

  10. Marija

    Also, I may be wrong, but it seems Ana is much more into him, than he is into her. Well, time will tell.

  11. maya

    i don’t like verdasco, he seems like a womanizer and ana seems so nice and cute but whatever it’s her choice, and verdasco got really lucky.
    no one can change that

  12. Marija

    from what i know, he is a womanizer. i have a feeling he will hurt ana, but hey, we have all been hurt sometimes, everyone should go through a bit of hurt now and then. i’m sure ana will have a bright future, with or without fernando.

  13. ben

    he is a player ana. he is a man whore……. stay away… he is like my friend he will go out with a girl 4 like a month then dump her …. the next day hees got another one

  14. John Gage

    Verdasco has some pretty good taste in women. I traveled with a member of the Spanish team, where he told me that Fernando was “going with” Ashley Harkelroad (awhile back). And I think I heard a rumer that he had something with Kournikova (Not sure about that one though). Ivanovic is a serious hottie. Viva Ana!!!

  15. Ana

    Fernando is a closet gay (nothing wrong with being gay)! Looks like he is head over heels in love with Claudio, his mate or should I say partner!

    Don’t hide it…embrace it!

  16. Marita

    ohh I watched Aus open semi final last night and ohh boy I fell in love with Fernando…I wish I did not see all these bad comments about him..well it’s a shame …but good looking / famous guys always play around….after reading these comments I feel like taking his picture off from my mobile lol….
    I hope he is not gay if so sad news all the females 🙁
    By the way he played very well last night I infact thought he’d win. Congrats Fernando…

  17. a f

    ana and fernando belong together.. she sees it . and nobody else’s opinion matters. VOLIM TE ANA I FERNANDO!

  18. Jordan

    Fernando rocks!! and anna Sucks BIG TIME… Poor Fernando He would of needed a tetness shot after seeing her…

  19. Ana

    Ok all of u guys need to leave us alone. If we are dating and if we are not that has nothing to do with all of you’s that is between Fernando and myself.

  20. anum

    OMG u guys are crazy its verdasco who doesnt have taste in girls he can do waaay better
    ana isnt good enough for him i reckon..

  21. you people are messed up

    WTF is it with you people to choose if one person likes another?

    it’s not your right to say if they don’t look bad or good together

    they’re people, not barbie and ken

  22. yez@

    …..ana molim te napisi na svom forumu kad ces u beograd,u ziru…..obozavam te…..prelepa si….i najbolja si na svetu!!!!!!!!

  23. lynea reyvak

    i like fernando verdasco enough, and ana ivanovic also seems pretty cute. but after reading all those other comments and thinking about their thoughtful words, i don’t know what I think! but they probably make an alright couple. what’s so bad, anyway – if they really love each other…

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