Caroline Wozniacki working Ana Ivanovic’s dress and shoes at US Open

Caroline Wozniacki US Open 2008 adidas dressNot only is Ana Ivanovic’s adidas outfit nothing special considering she’s number one in the world, not only is it the same outfit she wore at Wimbledon and abandoned it after one day, but at the US Open Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki worked it before Ivanovic.

Barricade V Summer Slams Ok, the shoes are unique, the Barricade V Summer Slams with Ivanovic’s face, but there is something bizarre, Pilot Pen champion Wozniacki wore those same shoes in her first-round match at the US Open when she defeated Asha Rolle 6-2 6-1. Hahaha, what a mess!

Ivanovic starts her US Open campaign on Tuesday at 11am local time, and then we’ll finally see whether she’ll wear something else, which is more than welcome. (via Forty Deuce)

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7 thoughts on “Caroline Wozniacki working Ana Ivanovic’s dress and shoes at US Open

  1. tim

    caroline tennis is better than anna’s
    at the moment but it looks like the adidas
    guys really don’t know what they are doing
    there is no special design for Anna it’s
    just a design for the us open.

    caroline also plays with nadal’s racquet

  2. Marie

    I am surprised that adidas went with a subdued gray for the U.S. Open, but one thing that I like about adidas clothing is that they design things that us regular old recreational players can wear too. I don’t see myself wearing Jelena’s space girl dress or Maria’s tuxedo outfit from Wimbledon or red evening gown from last year’s Open. But, that’s just me. To each their own.

  3. Marija

    Marie, good point.

    It’s best to have both — something glamorous for top players and something nice and regular for all of us.

  4. Sonja

    From what I see, that new girl Cirstea from Romania has the exact same outfit as Caroline Wozniacki..
    who’s copying whom there?

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