US Open facts and figures

US Open logoThe 2008 US Open is just about to start so lets revise some quick facts and figures about the women’s competition at this tournament.

2007 champions

Most US Open titles

  • All competitions: Margaret Osborne duPont (U.S.) 25 (three

singles, 13 doubles, nine mixed doubles)

  • Women’s singles: Molla B. Mallory (Norway) 8

Youngest singles winner

  • Tracy Austin (U.S.) in 1979, aged 16 years, eight months, 28


Oldest winner

  • Molla B. Mallory (Norway) in 1926, aged 42 (singles)

Most appearances

  • Chris Evert (U.S.) 113, from 1971-89

2008 Prize money

  • Women’s singles: $1,500,000
  • Women’s doubles: $420,000
  • Mixed doubles: $150,000

(source: Reuters)

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