Childhood photo of Elena Dementieva

Childhood photo of Elena Dementieva

It’s been a while since I last added a photo to our series about how women’s tennis players looked when they were kids. Today I decided to feature Elena Dementieva, the gold medalist at the recently-finished Olympic Tennis Event in Beijing.

I have nothing special to say about this photo except that Elena looks really cute, but I can briefly remind you that this little girl is now 26, and in her career she has so far won ten WTA singles and six WTA doubles titles and was a Grand Slam finalist two times.

Elena is currently ranked fifth in the world, while her highest ranking was in 2004 when she was number four.

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2 thoughts on “Childhood photo of Elena Dementieva

  1. pen

    Really love this series of kid pics. Suggestion: can you tag them as “kiddie pics” or something? To make it easier for old and new readers to view them all later. 🙂

  2. Marija

    Pen, thank you for your comment and your benevolent suggestion. :)Your idea is cool but I have only categories “players” and “tournaments”, and “kiddie pics” don’t fully belong there. However, every time I post a young pic of a player I link to all the previous ones, and also, you can always use “search”.

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