Adidas inspired by Ana Ivanovic, shoes for 2008 US Open


At the 2008 US Open Ana Ivanovic will wear specially designed adidas shoes, a unique feminine version of the Barricade V – the Barricade V Summer Slam. In addition, the shoes will have this playful graphic of the world No.1, pearlized white on white, which stretches across the upper side of the shoe.

adidas Ana Ivanovic graphic for Barricade V Summer Slam

As for the outfit, I believe Ivanovic will wear the adidas piece shown in the photo after the cut.

Ana Ivanovic US Open 2008 dress

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8 thoughts on “Adidas inspired by Ana Ivanovic, shoes for 2008 US Open

  1. T

    Personally quite disappointed that Adidas didn’t decide to design a more sophisticated dress for Ana. She wore a similar dress at Wimbledon for only day and had to ditch it. Maybe she was uncomfortable with it. But I don’t know why Adidas can’t come with a nicer dress, this colour doesnt look good on Ana. And She’s world number 1, she deserves to look good when playing good!

  2. Marija

    Yeah, everyone is waiting for some cool unique design for the No.1. I don’t know why they don’t invest more in Ana’s style. Such a shame. However, I’m not 100% sure she’ll wear this outfit at the US Open, but I’m certain it won’t be something extraordinary.

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