Personalized tennis calendars with names you choose

Personalized tennis calendarGetting Personal has sent me a personal tennis calendar, so I’ve decided to write a little article about the present I received.

You can choose to personalize your calendar with a name or a company’s name — I wanted to have one dedicated to Women’s Tennis Blog. It’s nice. I especially like the fact that you can order these calendars whenever you want because they start in the month that you choose. So, you’re not restricted to the beginning of the year, but you get twelve months from the starting point you want.

I believe, however, that they work a bit better with personal names than with the names of companies, or in my case the names of blogs, because it looks a bit odd that Women’s Tennis Blog is playing against Murray.

Here you can read more info about these calendars and see the image gallery.

After the cut you can see two photos of Women’s Tennis Blog’s personal calendar.

Getting Personal

Getting Personal

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