I’ll be traveling for ten days

Dear readers,

I would like to inform you that in a few hours I’ll set off for Barcelona, and therefore I won’t be able to cover the final of the Bausch & Lomb Championships. Also, I suppose I won’t have time to update Women’s Tennis Blog with news from the Family Circle Cup in Charleston. I’m really sad I’ll miss this important tournament, but I’m also very happy to hit the road after quite a long time (as you may have read on my About page, besides my great love of tennis, I absolutely love to travel).

Don’t be too disappointed, to keep you amused I’ve prepared some fun articles in advance. 😉

Tip: There is no better way to get informed about the Family Circle Cup in Charleston than to check out Women Who Serve, a blog written by Diane, who’s already at the tournament, following the qualifications. Her covering of tennis is always good, and I believe you’ll find a bunch of interesting articles about the tournament on her site.

All the best,


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4 thoughts on “I’ll be traveling for ten days

  1. z1903319

    I’m anti women who serve because of her pro-tibet things. i hope you don’t. i won’t read yours if you do. similarly, i really hope kosovo will stay in serbia. i supported the swimmer who was banned from the european swimming championships. he didn’t deserve that. i hope people don’t tear a country apart.

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