Hawk-Eye not accurate all day long due to Australian sun

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Hawk-Eye not accurate all day long due to Australian sunHawk-Eye, the technology used to determine line-calls, is believed not to be 100 percent accurate at the second showcourt at Melbourne Park during certain times of the day. This issue has interrupted and even delayed some matches.

Between 4.45pm and 5.30pm shadows prevent the Hawk-Eye from being precise, so the organizers have decided to turned it off during that time period. In the meantime, Paul Hawkins from Hawk-Eye is working to solve the problem.

Luckily, the issue is present only at this one court. “We don’t have this problem on Rod Laver Arena, and there are shadows out there too. It’s just the nature and the darkness of the shadow and the height of the roof which are contributing factors,” said Craig Tiley, Australian Open tournament director. (source: Reuters)

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