Venus Williams engaged to golfer Hank Kuehne

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Venus Williams and Hank KuehneRumors are flying that six-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams and PGA Tour golfer Hank Kuehne took their about-a-year-long relationship to the next level.

Reportedly, the couple got engaged over the weekend, but they are trying to avoid the media attention in order not to distract Venus who is currently preparing for the Australian Open. It’s said that Venus is very happy, so we can all be happy for her and wish them all the best.

9 thoughts on “Venus Williams engaged to golfer Hank Kuehne

  1. CICI

    Well….amazing how every little thing Venus does now is a problem.

    There are still many people that have problems with interracial realtionships, no matter how rich you are, in this country.

    Why are they not married yet???

    I have no issues with race, but I am usre the sporting a black woman is not seen as the best choice for him… well a her sporting a white man.

    But often, many black men and black women use their ownrace to get them where they are,then completely shift gears.

    If you love someone, it should not matter…but I wonder….would he be dating a black woman less-famous??

    I doubt it.

  2. Lily

    I think that the U.S. fans should be ashamed of themselves in how the Williams sisters are treated. You would rather see a white girl from another country win rather than your own countrymen…except when it’s time to sell tickets, because they are the biggest draw and the most talented U. S. Players…and who cares who their mates are…they deserve the best because they have given nothing but their best…you people *you know who you are* need to get a grip!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Linda

    Who cares about their partners. I wish they would
    love and marry black guys, but maybe it is not in
    the cards.

    By the way, I am a black woman.

  4. Christine McKenna

    Who the heck are we to judge them? We don’t even know who and anything about them, other than from the tennis world. Carry on camping. The world will always find someone else, long after the William sisters are old and gray.

  5. Hazel Jennings


  6. Marl

    Venus will be his third marriage … she’d be a step-mom.

    Their religions are different, too.

    But others have survived.

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