Recent photo of Maria Sharapova and her mother Yelena


Maria Sharapova and her mother YelenaWe see Maria’s father, Yuri Sharapov, at every match his daughter plays, but her mother Yelena has remained somewhat mysterious (something like Jelena Jankovic’s father). But here is your chance to remind yourself of what she looks like, in a photo where she stands with Maria in front of a Christmas tree.

It is rumored that Yelena doesn’t enjoy watching her daughter’s matches and only likes to hear the scores afterwards.

If you want more of Maria’s mother, take a look at these photos.


  1. hi
    iam very admire with maria and i want her special mail to express for her my high admire . plz
    i hope response

  2. Dear Maria Sharapova,

    How are you? You know, I am your well wisher and very much loved you and your prosperity in your life. I knew, you have grown from a gentle Russian good family and faced financial assistance in your childhood. So, I hope you know how to face poorness and fight for establishment in human life. I also faced in my childhood like you.

    Finally I give you many many thanks and pray to God for your bright future.

    Yours good friend,

    Dibyendu Das Gupta
    Chittagong, Bangladesh


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