Sharapova’s bootylicious moment, funny serve

Maria Sharapova’s bootylicious moment, funny serving motionWe all know that Maria Sharapova had to change her serving motion due to a right shoulder injury, and…in the photo you can see the outcome. Hehe.

The photo was taken last week during the 7th Annual Andy Roddick Charity Weekend in Florida where Sharapova partnered James Blake and they played Roddick and Brenda Schultz-McCarthy.

Additional info: I’ve just stumbled upon a forum called Commercials I Hate, and Maria Sharapova’s Canon ad, the one where she takes pictures of a dog, is being discussed there. What irritates some forum members about the ad? (via Celebmagic)

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2 thoughts on “Sharapova’s bootylicious moment, funny serve

  1. Brooke

    Actually, this isn’t the result of her injury; she was just imitating Roddick who frequently sticks his butt out like that.

  2. Marija

    Yes, of course, Brooke, I was just joking. 🙂 Sorry for me not stating that clear enough. Sharapova has changed her service motion some time ago, and only at this instance did she serve funny. Anyway, thanks for the info, I didn’t know she was imitating Roddick.

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