Cartoon making fun of Martina Hingis’ alleged cocaine use

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Sorry Martina, I know you’re not pleased with the way you ended your career, but I can’t help laughing at this cartoon. I came across it at WTA World forum yesterday, and was thinking for some time whether or not to include it in my blog. I read comments on the forum, and some people found it extremely funny, some people didn’t understand it, some thought it was mean, and some it was “soooooooo four weeks ago”. I think the cartoon is really funny (hm, if I were in Martina’s shoes, maybe I would have thought differently).

Martina Hingis funny cartoon

3 thoughts on “Cartoon making fun of Martina Hingis’ alleged cocaine use

  1. patrick

    If you took the time to read the available information on Martina regards the the amount of cocaine that was found in her system, you could have got it off a glass or handling money or any thing for that matter, so I find it in very poor taste maybe you will regret this cartoon one day when somebody has a shot at you.

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