Jelena Dokic’s first interview after a decision to make a comeback

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Jelena Dokic plans a return to competitive tennisTwo days ago I wrote about Jelena Dokic’s plans of a full comeback, and now Tennis Australia has published an exclusive interview with the former world number four.

Among other things, the 24-year-old Dokic revealed why she stopped playing tennis, and why she wants to revive her tennis career. Here’s what she said:

I just haven’t played because I didn’t feel within myself that I was ready to play…You always have ups and downs in a career and, of course, I have had a bit of a down period. I felt like I just wasn’t ready to play, until now. I think if you are not ready it is counterproductive to try and comeback. It is better to leave it and get yourself together. That is what I have done… It has taken some time, but right now I feel like I am in a place mentally and physically that I am ready and able to compete. Now I feel in mind and body I am back and ready to give 100 per cent to train hard and try and play again.

I hope we’ll see Jelena Dokic in full form again.

3 thoughts on “Jelena Dokic’s first interview after a decision to make a comeback

  1. Diane

    Poor Dokic. No one should have to go through what she went through. She should have had her father thrown in jail a long, long time ago.

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