Player’s name on tennis sneakers, yes or no?

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In contemporary tennis world, personalized sneakers are a must-have. The customization is a symbol of success, but can also minimize confusion in the locker room – Jelena Jankovic won’t accidentally put on Shahar Peer’s tennis shoes any more, since Reebok has customized the gear of both players. Maria Sharapova, of course, isn’t legging behind, she has her distinctively designed sneakers as well.


Anyway, if I were a tennis player, I wouldn’t have written my name on my gear. I don’t like self-centered people in love with their name, their image in a picture, people who promote themselves all the time. Ok, I understand that in tennis it’s all part of the industry, but still,… it’s kind of cheesy. (Tennis Served Fresh and Tennis Country, thanks for the inspiration)



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