Serena Williams poses nude for Jane magazine + hits Hollywood party scene

Having a thumb injury and therefore not being able to play tennis, Serena Williams has focused on getting media attention and visiting major Hollywood events. Here’s what she’s been doing lately:
Serena Williams poses nude for Jane magazine

– Got her clothes off for Jane magazine, wearing only silver heels and having flowers as a cover. In the caption Serena says: “I’ll take off my shirt in a second – locker room girls don’t have much shame. Once I was getting ready to go out and my hitting partner, who is my best friend and, like, Greek god – handsome, walked into my hotel room, it wasn’t awkward for me, but he freaked out.”

– Hit the ESPY Awards red carpet

– Showed up at Louis Vuitton & Details magazine event

– Came to Europe’s Soccer Stars Chelsea Football Club exclusive Hollywood party

– Attended the exclusive Beckham Welcome to LA Party, hosted by Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes and Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith

Serena Williams at 2007 ESPYsSerena Williams at Louis Vuitton & Details magazineSerena Williams at EuropeSerena Williams at Beckham Welcome to LA Party

Serena must be spending whole days at beauty salons. Notice just how many times she’s changed her hairstyle lately!

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4 thoughts on “Serena Williams poses nude for Jane magazine + hits Hollywood party scene

  1. Rich

    Hi Marija!

    I think Serena’s style has been getting better. She used to go for pure “shock” value but now there’s some elegance coming through her outfits (and hair as well.)

  2. Marija

    You’re right Rich, it is getting better. But still, the only thing I really like is her hairdo for the Beckham party.

  3. Jacob

    Hi Marija
    I think you have done a beutiful job but you need to work on getting the new hottest Agnieszka to do the nude poses. But all in all great job.
    P.s. please shoot me an e-mail when you have and I will check it out.

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