Klara Zakopalova divorced and got back to Koukalova?

Klara Zakopalova

If Klara Zakopalova Koukalova read my article on March 1, 2014, entitled: "Klara wins first WTA title since becoming Zakopalova" she must have felt bitter taste in her mouth. As I hear now from my photographer Jimmie48, the Czech player got divorced probably back in January and returned to her maiden name, Koukalova. This actually implies that the 32-year-old won no WTA titles during her seven-and-a-half-year marriage to Czech soccer player Jan Zakopal, while she had won two in 2005 (she got married on June 6, 2006). Oops!

Klara's ITF profile has been updated with her maiden name, but the WTA is still sticking to Zakopalova. Actually, when she won Florianopolis in the beginning of March, the WTA stated in their article: "This was her first WTA title since the wedding." So neither then, nor now, are they acknowledging that she's no longer with her husband.


Here's a Czech source informing about the divorce. Do you, dear readers, happen to have any more info?

Does this story belong to my WTA Players and their Lover Partners series? :P I suppose it does!

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