Maria Sharapova modeling Nike's AW77

Maria Sharapova is modeling Nike

Maria Sharapova may be out of the US Open, but she’s always the champion of endorsement deals and fashion. Along with ATP player Rafael Nadal and other Nike superstars, Sharapova is modeling Nike’s AW77, adding her own personality and attitude to the Geoff Hollister's signature hoody.
Maria Sharapova is modeling Nike
The athletes were photographed in three cities over four months, by renowned photographer David Sims, styled/directed by Karl Templer.

Maria Sharapova is modeling Nike

Behind-the-scenes photos are available here.

UPDATE: There is this video of the photo shoot as well.

(source: Down the Line)

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3 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova modeling Nike's AW77

  1. iluvlucie

    Ugh. Why must Maria adopt these ridiculous stiff, cold, haughty like poses every time she models? Maria takes herself waaaayy too seriously….

  2. Marija

    Maria can model very well, but I agree with you iluvlucie this time. The first picture looks especially funny, that's why I put it on top haha. :)

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