18 thoughts on “Svetlana Kuznetsova looking better than ever, PROsport magazine

  1. jacobappleton

    haha teerin! so true
    she has potential i would say, but not even maria is this attractive

  2. Marija

    In my opinion, her on-court outfits are perfectly fine. Sporty look goes well with her. But she simply can’t seem to pick the right glamorous look.

  3. Teerin

    Well, sometimes she acts really un-ladylike. Especially how she wipes off the sweat on her face with her shirt, and she bares to us her stomach. 😛

  4. Marija

    Heh, I don’t like how Jelena wipes off the sweat from her forehead with just one finger. 😛

  5. jacobappleton

    Yeah marija, thats annoying. haha
    I dont like how Serena does something with her hand as in “what the hell” everytime she loses a point. do you know what i mean?

    oh i also dont like her cellulite 😀

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