Ana Ivanovic already in Melbourne

Ana Ivanovic lands in Melbourne airport

Ana Ivanovic was upset by Amelie Mauresmo in the quarterfinals of the Brisbane International, but the Serb is not giving up and has already landed in Melbourne to prepare for the Australian Open.

By the way, Ana is looking awesome in casual jeans and black tank top. (via Forty Deuce)

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9 thoughts on “Ana Ivanovic already in Melbourne

  1. Pat frm Philippines

    Hi Marija…….

    I like Ana here. She looks awesome, sexy outfit……..

    What are Ana’s chances in Melbourne? Can she defend her finalist points in the ranking?

  2. Sarah

    That outfit is awesome apart from one thing the trainers. I really dont like jeans with trainers. Im new to your blog BTW and might I say its really awesome looking and I look foreward to visiting much more often.

  3. Pat frm Philippines

    hi marija…….

    i hate to bring this to you, but it seems that tennis, amongst all sports, are really just not embracing the equality of women or at the least the not keen on giving fair treatment for women………

    peter bodo of is one of those people in tennis who singlehandidly thought that women is by far below of the men’s standards…….

    now the fed express is one of them, yeah, you heard it right roger federer himself treats women differently…..

    read this news by bbc:

    i don’t want to be unfair, but the matter of saying it the first time doesn’t erase the meaning of all the statement’s meaning, i guess fed and some others really look down on the women

    and it is just not right!!!!

  4. Hecto

    Wow that Federer quote is sooooo atrocious. How dare he diss Jelena! I’m MAD aaarrgh

    But anyways, Ana is looking good there.

  5. nacho


  6. Marija

    @mila I like how she looks here, simple, but gorgeous.

    @nacho No news about Maria, I hope she’s ready to compete. The last about Maria was this week’s news that she was watching the LA Lakers take on the New Orleans Hornets, joined by her father Yuri and rumored boyfriend Charlie Ebersol.

    @Elise Haha, don’t worry. BTW, you know they sometimes say that you look the best when you feel the worst.

    @ Pat frm Philippines Hm, Ana’s chances. It’s hard to predict, but unfortunately I think she’s closer to not defending her points. I think Venus rocks right now!

    @Sarah Thank you very much. It will be my pleasure to see you at my blog often. As a matter of fact, I’ve already known about your site, and have been subscribed for some time. Good recourse on Masha. BTW, where did you see Ana’s trainers?

    @ Pat frm Philippines, Hecto & nacho People have been attacking Jankovic for being a No.1 without winning a Grand Slam, regardless of their gender. I wouldn’t say that we can conclude that Roger treats women differently just because of this statement on Jankovic. And as I have said a few times, JJ shouldn’t pay attention to all the criticism, she should just do her thing, and a Grand Slam title will come naturally. I hope, at least. And of course she has deserved to be No.1.

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